visual-STORE - CAD and planning program


Professional tool in store planning, interior design and merchandise placement for individual experiences.


Are you a shopfitter or store planner looking for a reliable and efficient CAD and visualization system? Then visual-STORE is the perfect solution for you! With our all-in-one system you can quickly and easily create and visualize your store planning. By accessing our extensive data pool, you save time and can concentrate on the essentials - your creativity and your customers. Convince yourself of the ease of use and efficiency of visual-STORE and increase your productivity!


visual-STORE is a powerful product for store planning and shelf configuration in shopfitting.

Features and possibilities for store planning

  • Shelf configurator
  • photorealistic rendering
  • Parts list with individual evaluation
  • Construction tools
  • Goods placement
  • AR and VR support
  • many output formats and extensive interfaces to various systems
  • more...


Data pool for planners and fitters in shopfitting

  • Eden
  • Hohage
  • Lüning
  • King shopfitting
  • Tegometall
  • more...

Goods placement within the store planning

A video and further information on merchandise placement can be found in the Merchandise section.

General information

Information about system requirements can be found here. At the end the result counts to convince the customer or partner, here you can find some results. We will be happy to send you details about the scope and prices, please contact us.